My Story

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The picture on the left was taken 10/2022. I was spiritually, physically, and mentally exhausted which left me overwhelmed and numb. Stress from family issues (including a very serious issue with my then 14 y/o son), being a full-time doctorate student while working one full-time job and a part-time job left me a shell of my former self.

The picture on the right was taken 4/2024 and was HARD EARNED! In October 2022 I decided I had to get myself together if we were going to make it as a family and I could be the wife and Mom Stephen and Liam needed me to be. Did I mention Stephen broke all three bones in his ankle and was no weight bearing X 16 weeks?! 😳

So I got consistent with my amazing nutritional supplements I had in my possession this whole time, ate 85-90% following the food plan, and added exercise: Pilates and Peloton. It’s a 3-part thing if you want big results! I had lost weight before with these supplements, but didn’t fully commit so the weight and unhealthiness returned!

I had to realize that God had a bigger calling for me. He needed to take this burden from me so I can move into the blessings he had for me. You see, when you are distracted by feeling horrible with unhealthiness…you can’t be the force for His kingdom He needs you to be! I am worth the investment and the effort!

YOU too are worth taking care of! I would enjoy nothing more than to show you how to do this. ❤️ I love this company so much I am partnering as a brand affiliate and health coach. I am passionate about helping others step into health and greatness!
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